Temporary rental homes with excellent service

Eemsdelta Housing offers outstanding service regarding temporary rental homes for your personnel and expats. Are you looking for excellent, hassle-free accommodation? In this case you may rely on Eemsdelta Housing. You can trust our outstanding service.

Intermittent cleaning of the rental home

All our homes are clean and neat when you’re picking up the keys. If you are renting for a longer period of time, regular cleaning by our own in-house cleaning service is always included. Intermittent cleaning also includes changing of the bed sheets. Would you like to have your home cleaned more often? Or no intermittent cleaning at all? This, of course, is up to you.

Car rental

We can relieve you of all worries as far as car rental goes. From passenger cars to commercial vehicles and from compact cars to minivans: would you like to have a rental car waiting for your migrant workers or employees at a certain time and place, for instance at the airport? We’ll take care of it for you. In this context, we are collaborating with Pouw Rent Autoverhuur in Groningen. This provides you with a single contact organising all rental issues for your personnel and expats on site - it doesn’t get any easier than that!

Garden maintenance

We set a high value on the neat appearance of our rental homes and are trying to relieve our tenants of all worry. This is why we provide full garden maintenance. Professional landscapers take care of the planting, trimming and pruning, mowing, and fertilising the gardens of our rental homes. This is something that you as a tenant won’t have to worry about.

Garbage collection

On the municipal waste collection days, we make sure that the garbage cans are put out for collection. We know exactly when the garbage cans are being emptied at each address and will relieve our tenants of this worry. Thus, everything is always clean and neat.

Personal service

Eemsdelta Housing offers outstanding personal service. We are personally in contact with all tenants. If necessary, you can reach us 24/7, for instance in case of emergencies or technical problems.

Information folder

There is an information folder in each of our homes. This folder contains an overview of important information regarding the respective home. Besides, there is a practical overview of addresses and telephone numbers tenants might need, such as alarm numbers, medical doctors, hospitals, and dentists.

We’ll take care of it

We are very flexible: whatever you wish, we will (almost) always have a solution for you. Besides, we are striving to maintain good contact with the neighbours. Whatever your wishes or desires - we’ll take care of it!