Rent a house via Eemsdelta Housing

At Eemshaven Housing we offer 60 fully furnitured, luxurious houses for rent. The houses are located in the Eemshaven-Eemsdelta-Delfzijl-Farmsum region in the province Groningen.

Personal involved landlord

Eemsdelta Housing is a small organization and a private lessor. As lessor we feel personally involved with the wellbeing of our tenants and our real estate. At our organisation you can privately rent a house. Our houses have been personally selected and have been renovated accordingly.

Accommodation of foreign employees

Our houses are rented to employees of (foreign) companies, whom work in the region for short or longer time ranges. Our houses are frequently rented to (foreign) employees, amongst others: British, French, German, Romanian, Hungarian and Polish employees. At Eemsdelta Housing renting a house is fast.

Settling in

We assist our tenants getting acquainted in the region, should they wish to. Our tenants can reach out to us for questions concerning for example: shops, catering services, public transport and more. In this way we can contribute to the wellbeing and comfort of your employees.

24-7 service by our own maintenance service

In the case of acute calamities, such as failures and plugging, we have our own maintenance service at our disposal. In case of high need we stand ready for our tenants. And if the need is not acute, even then we make sure there is a fast solution.


I want to know more about Eemsdelta Housing

Reasons to rent a house at Eemsdelta Housing:


cheap temporary housing
housing of (foreign) employees
tenancy houses near the Eemshaven, Delfzijl and Farmsum
direct rental
personal, direct contact with the lessor
24/7 maintenance service in case of failure
own cleaning service
Changing the beds once every 2 weeks is included
Every rental period is accepted, even short ones
fully furnished houses
houses are equipped luxurious
free WiFi
free parking in front
the houses are located close to supermarkets, shops, restaurants and catering services