Cheap houses for rent near Eemshaven & Delfzijl (Groningen)

Eemsdelta Housing offers cheap houses for rent. We offer fully furnished houses for (foreign) personnel at direct rent. Our tenancy houses are located close to the ports, industry and companies of the Eemshaven, Delfzijl and Farmsum (Groningen).

Size of the tenancy houses

The size of the tenancy houses varies. Eemsdelta Housing offers houses for rent with 3 up till 7 bedrooms for 1 or 2 persons each. We also have houses available with multiple bathrooms and kitchens. For this reason the tenancy houses are suitable for groups of employees with varying capacities. Whether your group of (foreign) employees is big or small, Eemsdelta Housing offers suitable and excellent accommodation.

Rent duration

Eemsdelta Housing rents temporary houses for every period and for shorter and longer periods. This makes it cheaper to rent a house for your employees compared to hotels, guest-houses and B&B’s.

Cleaning of the tenancy houses

When renting for longer periods, the standard cleaning by our cleaning service is included. This also includes changing the beds one every three weeks. If you do not want to make us of our cleaning service, that is possible too.

Personal service

Eemsdelta Housing differentiates itself by our personal service. We are in personal contact with our tenants. Whatever your wishes are, we will (almost) always have a solution: we are flexible.


I want to know about tenancy houses

Reasons to rent a house at Eemsdelta Housing:


cheap temporary housing
housing of (foreign) employees
tenancy houses near the Eemshaven, Delfzijl and Farmsum
direct rental
personal, direct contact with the lessor
24/7 maintenance service in case of failure
own cleaning service
Changing the beds once every 2 weeks is included
Every rental period is accepted, even short ones
fully furnished houses
houses are equipped luxurious
free WiFi
free parking in front
the houses are located close to supermarkets, shops, restaurants and catering services


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